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First and foremost thank you for all that you do and you're doing Vivane. As an educator what is the biggest takeaway you want people to know about you?

As an educator, I want to be able to make a difference in my students' lives. I feel like this "difference" will come from empathy and perseverance. I want my students to know that I care.

What is something you learned in 2020 about yourself that you've taken or got rid of in this year?

2020 was a great year for growth. And reflection. I grew a lot as a human being, looking out for the ones I love and myself and finding new ways to cope with the challenges and changes that occurred in my life last year. I learned how to be my own company and be totally satisfied with that. I also reflected a lot on my teaching. I kept thinking about how a lesson plan is a reflection of myself and I am trying to adjust it to accommodate my students.

How motivated are you about this upcoming year? How do you keep motivated?

I am very motivated about the upcoming year, I honestly think that the worst is behind us and we are moving towards the end of the tunnel with the vaccine. To keep me motivated, I am always in contact with nature and my friends and family. Even though I can not congregate with them right now, we are always in contact through the internet.

Is there a current project you're working on that you want to share with us?

Yes. I am working on my school's IB certification renewal. Developing new projects with teachers, creating a cross-curricular scope and sequence. My school in Harlem is the only charter school in the neighborhood to an IB-certified school. We are very proud of that!

What is a goal you want to achieve in 2021?

In 2021, I want to grow even more as a teacher and be able to support my students, establish a great classroom culture with them. On a personal level, I want to get my certification in Special Education.

What are you looking forward to most this year?

I am looking forward to seeing my family healthy and happy for our annual family reunion, which did not happen in 2020! We can't wait!

Who is your biggest fan? Who are you a big fan of?

Oh, definitely my mom! She is my biggest supporter, always encouraging me, seeing the best in me. I am also a great fan of hers. She raised me with great values, and always told me to believe in myself. She is amazing!

What is one piece of advice you want to impart to us that has brought you through the toughest of times?

I think that I always kept myself positive. This is a daily exercise for me. Keep the negative thoughts away. Always believe that there is always something positive to come out of every situation. This is what keeps me moving and keeps me sane.

Thank you so much for taking this interview! How can we keep connected with you so our readers can learn more about you and what you are up to?

We can connect through social media Facebook ( Viviane Bonfim ), Instagram (@vivibonfim), and Linkedin ( Viviane Bonfim).

I also publish on (@vivianebonfim) and my email is

Thank you for this opportunity. I really enjoyed it.

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