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'Serenity' with Vera Bloom

Photo by Kirt Barnett (@wavykirt)

Hi Vera Bloom! Thank you for chatting with me today!

Happy to be here, thanks!

You are about to release new music! Will you tell us about the new song?

I am! The song is called 'Serenity' and it's about learning to be alone. I wrote it in April of 2020 when lockdowns from the pandemic really became something that weren't going away anytime soon and there was a lot of chaos and uncertainty in the world. I was so alone, yet there was so much noise and worry going around. I was reflecting on the fact that I had never actually learned how to be truly alone before and how important it became for me to reach out to friends and family to fight my waves of sadness, anger, and fear. You'd think being isolated would provide peace and calmness, but the opposite happened for me because it let a lot of emotions rise up that I hadn't dealt with before. I had to find some serenity for myself at that time.

You have such a refreshing sound! How did you cultivate that?

Well thank you! I'm not sure I have a definite answer for that. Perhaps it is just all the pieces that fit together? It took me a long time to figure out what I didn't like about music and the music I was writing. I began to say "no" to things I didn't like and that sort of led me to where I am now. I love the musicians I perform and record with, as well as the recording engineer I have been recording with. I believe all of these guys help influence the sound, too. I was telling someone the other day that my music is a mixture of writing and expressing my feelings and wanting to be able to rock out on stage.

Do you have a song that gets you energized no matter what?

A song of mine? Right now I have a couple. Mud, Eyes on You (not yet recorded), and Love Like Knives. A song that isn't mine that hypes me up is Def Leppard's Hysteria, haha. I don't know why but without fail that song feeds and fuels me!

What keeps you motivated?

Success and growth. I struggle when I feel like life is at a standstill and there isn't any forward movement. I've learned that it is worth it to make your own movement when external or organic growth doesn't seem to be happening or happening quickly enough. Energy creates energy!

How do you keep a balance between artist life and normal life?

I am not good at balancing this. My artist life is my normal life, but I have learned to appreciate the burn out and just let it happen. My burned out phases typically only last 3 days at most, but I have to give in and let it happen without guilt. They are self-care days for sure.

What has been the most surreal moment of your career?

Probably riding motorcycles with Norman Reedus on his AMC TV show RIDE with Norman Reedus. I was doing different music at the time and under a different name, but it was still awesome. I feel like if I did that now it would be even better and he would actually love the music I'm writing. But yeah, that was pretty awesome!

Do you have a dream bucket list job you would like to achieve?

I would love to be able to do what I'm doing now full time and make a liveable earning from it! That's the bucket list dream!

Is there a particular artist or artists whose careers have been influential in how you approach your work and how you envision your career?

I always recognize how long it takes to have success in music. It takes a lot time, hard work, and a ton of believing in yourself when many others wont at the start. I appreciate a lot of successful artists for their perseverence because it gives me hope and helps make me feel like it's all going to be okay. I'm a big believer in keeping it real, working hard, and going for organic growth.

What does 'making it' look like to you?

To be able to perform my music consistently and to well attended shows. To be able to write and record albums and have people excited about that. To be able to profit enough from these two things and live comfortably!

Do you have any career advice for artists who are just starting out their music career?

Understand who you are as a person and artist first. Keep it real. Get organized but don't obsess over branding too much. That'll happen naturally with authenticity, organization, and hard work.

Any upcoming projects coming up that we should be on the lookout for?

The new single 'Serenity' will be out Aprill 22nd with a lyric video (that I made...DIY life baby!). After that I am focusing on touring and writing new music!

Please let our readers know where to find you!

Yes, please say hi! I am on Instagram and Twitter @verabloombaby On Facebook, YouTube, Bandcamp and all streaming platforms. My personal website is where you can find upcoming tour dates.

Thank you for your time!

Thank you very much, I enjoyed it!

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