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What have you been working on lately?

Ha,ha,ha lately? I've been working on my new project for the last twenty years. It's a collection of songs that I've been developing, and now I'm ready to share this exciting project, and reveal to the world just who The Ki Ki Experience is.

If you had an intro song in life, what would it be? LOL. Cold Blooded by Rick James. Do you have a song that gets you energized no matter what?

It's old school, but I love it. It's Black Sheeps' "The Choice is Yours". I love the part when they break down the music, and you just hear the bass line grooving. They say, "Engine, engine number 9, on the New York transit line, if my train goes off the track, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!!!" Ha,ha,ha I Love It!

What keeps you motivated?

My spirit is the driving force with anything I do. Knowing that I bring some sort of happiness or healing to people through my music, inspires me to continue despite the challenges.

How do you keep a balance between artist life and normal life?

A lot of organization LOL. Because I'm one of those people that work all the time, I have to be extra vigilant in making sure I set time aside for myself, my family, and some sort of social life. My teenage daughter definitely reminds me that I'm her Mom and not some "Rock Star" whenever she wants me to cook her favorite meal at the end of a long day LOL.

What has been the most surreal moment of your career?

I still melt over this moment, but I would have to say when I auditioned for Lenny Kravitz. I received an email stating I was invited to audition, along with three other ladies, for someone famous, but the email didn't reveal who this famous person was. My friend Robyn was visiting from MD, so I suggested we go to this private audition, and grab something to eat afterwards. We got to the location, but it appeared abandoned. After a few moments of waiting, the huge doors opened, and we walked into this place. I don't know if it was a club, someone's private studio/ rehearsal hall. It's NY, so you can run up on anything at any time. As we walked in, I saw this massive stage that was preset, a double tier guitar rack which held about maybe 25-30 guitars on each rack, and all I could say to myself was, 'are you ready?' 'Like oh my goodness, this isn't happening. Just breathe lol. You got this!' I had no idea what we were going to sing, if I would know it, or if I had to learn something on the spot. Someone said over the loudspeaker sing 'Let Love Rule". I instantly was like ok, I know this. I'm a Lenny Kravitz fan. We started singing, and the next thing I knew, Lenny Kravitvz just appeared sitting on the monitor while playing his guitar. I caught a glimpse of him out of my peripheral vision. I kept singing, but my insides were falling apart LOL. After I finished, I departed the stage, and as I came around to the front of the stage, Lenny was coming towards me, and he gave me a hug and said, 'I love your voice'. I had to get a drink at the bar on the corner after that. LOL

Do you have a dream bucket list job you would like to achieve?

I've always dreamed of performing at The Grammys.

Is there a particular artist or artists whose careers have been influential in how you approach your work and how you envision your career?

Yes. There are several artists that have influenced me, my music, and how I approach and envision my career. Nona Hendryx (mentor) has been very influential in showing how I can expand and be a versatile artist, not just a singer, songwriter. Nona has been my "overview" in the music industry, meaning she reinvents herself through multidisciplinaires, and I've been privy to learning first hand. I listen to certain singers for different reasons like, if I listen to Rachelle Ferrell, it could be strictly for vocal techniques, or Summer Walker/ Ari Lennox/ Jazmine Sullivan to hear what's the contemporary sound that's out now, Cassandra Wilson for jazz/ folklore , Anita Baker for old school classic R&B, or Mary J to be transparent and vulnerable with the music.

What does 'making it' look like to you?

'Making it' looks like me traveling the world, performing, and doing what I love. As long as I can perform, I'm happy. I don't need a whole bunch of cars, houses, or money to be 'making it'. I just need a safe place for me and my daughter to call home, financial stability, and a nice car.

Do you have any career advice for artists who are just starting out their music career?

Believe & have faith in yourself, and what you offer as an artist. This is a grueling industry, and you have to be strong, focused, maintain your faith, be committed, and persistent.

Any upcoming projects coming up that we should be on the lookout for?

Yes. Please lookout for The Ki Ki Experience ("Unconditional"?) project. I haven’t titled the project yet, but I'm toying with a few ideas.

Please let our readers know where to find you!

The readers can always go to my website (sign the email list to stay updated):

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