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The powerhouse Entrepreneur Melina Salomon shares with us all that she's doing!

You are a powerhouse entrepreneur Melina! Have you always been in the business of creating your own businesses? I had a very special experience working with an amazing Brasilian designer Heloísa Crocco and she taught me a lot of self discipline but above all patience. One of the most important pieces of advice she gave me was -at the time - I was going to design school during the night, working for her during the day and prototyping a research project after class so it was a lot. She said Melina you don’t need to be an intern soon enough you will have interns and that sounded (at the time) absolutely shocking to me and completely out of reach (I was 20) but later on that made sense. So in many ways my work ethics were always to treat every project like it was my own. I really don’t believe I know how to not care even if I didn’t necessarily own the company itself. What projects of yours have launched already? I have launched other projects but the ones I can say where I'm most proud of was the Alô chair - my first design project focused on sustainability was based on the idea that design should be included in the files of research at the time that was a very odd idea. So that project was completed from conception to prototype and presented to the company that had the concession of that cell phone both at the time. Who do you look for advice on when it comes to your career? Several people I have a fair share of family members that I respect and look for advice but I believe it really depends on what area you need advice on. My family and friends are the ones that can help me decide at the end of the day. What was a challenge in the industry that you later on were so grateful for the learning experience? Being an immigrant, in the beginning being a female founder was already interesting. I was young etc... managing different cultures in the workplace you never know what your team is going through sometimes it's a holiday or a special time of the year that can be very meaningful and that changes the dynamics it's very hard to be aware of so many different upbringings in North America in general so the learning curve for me was definitely there. How much work goes into your day? I normally wake up at 7 and go from there. Some days I will work a lot until the deadline is finished or the goals I set myself are being accomplished. I try to sleep well. That is important to me but besides that working is not painful so honestly I just kept going until I felt I did the best I could to move the needle a little faster that day. Do you have a strict regimen when it comes to how much you're doing? Honestly no and maybe I will but not right now. Are there any upcoming projects that you are currently working on that you want to share with us? Currently I made the big decision to move to NYC. That was not only a dream but a goal of mine. I believe this city brings the best out of me and I just love the people. So currently I’m open to new projects. Can you leave us with the best piece of advice you have ever received? The worst sentence is the one that hasn't been given. Because as soon as you know the answer you can plan on what to do next.

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