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Bev Moser, a well-respected music industry vet for over 22 years, has worked with a vast array of Nashville’s well-known artists and high-profile industry events. After much encouragement from respected industry peers, the decision to pursue her own entity was born. The new firm B! Noticed Public Relations offers a wide range of professional public relations services that enable her to create an individual package that best suits the needs of clients, identifying the specific needs of each client in order to connect with their target audience. Her goal in business is to help clients promote a successful future.

Moser honed her skills in journalism and production management while representing online country music social media outlet Digital Rodeo for nearly ten years. During her tenure she took on the responsibility of growing the firm from an online news site, to producing and promoting monthly artist showcases and a very successful week-long live multi-artist stage performance show during one of Nashville's prominent festivals.

She is an energetic entrepreneur who continues to own and operate Moments by Moser Photography, an entity she started after moving to Nashville in 2000. Prior to her relocation to Music City, she worked for several years as an on-air radio personality and morning co-host for US92 in Nebraska.

Over the span of her career, Ms. Moser has worked with and represented a myriad of music artists from all genres, to include those at the beginning of their career to music icons, Hall of Fame inductees and Grand Ole Opry members, television and movie actors, NFL, NHL and MLB athletes, celebrities, book authors and many more.

Prior to opening her own PR Firm in 2018, she was the VP of Publicity for the Public Relations division of 117 Entertainment Group, assisting in initial growth of the client base and achieving pinnacle goals for the entity.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Bev Moser has been interviewed many times for her success in being a sole-proprietor and small business owner. She has participated as a professional businesswoman on panels for the music industry, serves on the Nashville Chamber Music Industry Advisory Group, Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame Planning Committee and serves on the Advisory Board at NOSSI College of Art. Ms. Moser is an active member of SOURCE, Women in Music (WIM), Country Music Association (CMA), Academy of Country Music (ACM), Americana Music Association (AMA) and Tennessee Presenters, Board & Agents (TNPBA), Nashville Association of Talent Directors (NATD), Gospel Music Association (GMA), Women In Music (WIM), Tennessee Presenters and Tennessee For The Arts (TFTA). She is also a member of the Nashville, Donelson-Hermitage and Mount Juliet Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Moser was the proud recipient of many distinguished accolades during her role of Co-Chair for the Northeast Nebraska Relay for Life being recognized as an outstanding active member and role model by the Norfolk Jaycees (Jr Chamber of Commerce) and continues to this day to be very involved in her community through volunteering and support of youth sports activities.

Can you talk to us how you got into your current career?

My story is not something I would have imagined or one I planned out. I seem to have been blessed with being at the right place at the right time and like a feline, have had many lives! I landed my first music industry job as an on-air personality by accident after doing a guest spot for our local hometown radio morning show during Fan Fair in Nashville (now known as CMA Music Festival.) I moved to Nashville after several years, but being a naive small town country gal I did not know you could not just land a radio gig in a big city as I did back home. I was attending many number one parties, CD release events, etc with friends and kept seeing the same photographer shooting at them with the same camera equipment I had been using as a hobby and after several conversations and sending him samples of my work, he hired me. Which led to many publicists, labels and event planners reaching out to hire me. I worked full time for over 17 years as a professional photographer for many of the biggest industry events, and conventions and did many shoots with artists for CD covers and more. During that same time, I teamed up with a new start-up entity to help with their social media and website content, but they soon realized I worked in radio and knew how to interview artists, so I also did interviews, red carpet events and more, which introduced me to many behind the scene industry executives and management teams that I worked closely with. The company I teamed up with eventually began hosting monthly events showcasing independent artists and live-streaming them as well as a week-long production during CMA Music Fest week, which I wrote press releases for to get media outlets to help us spread the word. That of course led me to where I am now. I still own my photography business but do not shoot full-time myself. I pick and choose the opportunities. I have a full client roster I represent for Public Relations and have a couple who I also manage.

What is your most proud moment?

I have too many to pick one. But one of them was the event I co-produced for a benefit for John Berry and we had over 28 A list artists perform. It was one for the history books.

What have you struggled with that you were able to overcome?

Working as a single parent and owning my own companies brought many struggles. Juggling schedules, prioritizing work and family, and the fact that I was an independent business owner and not a large company brought issues of proving my place in the business circle. But through it all, life has a way of sifting everything out the way it is supposed to be.

How are you staying motivated this year?

I am always motivated. I am one of those crazy people who absolutely love what I do and am motivated by being productive. I do not do lazy well. Relaxing is really not in my vocabulary.

Did you ever have a routine that you had to break or implement to keep you on track?

I do not think I had to break a routine. My biggest flaw is not knowing when to say no. I always struggle with that and have not figured out how to break it yet. I am extremely organized with my workflow and do it best working from my home office vs at a location with a lot of other people, so if I had to categorize that as a routine, it is probably the closest thing to implementing something that I do.

Biggest tip you can give someone just starting out?

Do not be afraid of the word no. No means “not right now” it does not mean forever. Everything has a time and place, so be patient and be prepared for what you want. Also know that what you want now, may change and evolve and you need to be flexible to accept that.

Who gives you the best advice when it comes to your career?

I have been blessed with so many mentors. I work closely with many teams for different aspects of my career, and they all offer advice and direction. I think that is the best way to achieve your goals. Listen to more than one person and remember your journey is different than any one person out there, so do not compare yourself to someone else.

Are there any upcoming projects you're working on that you can share with us?

I am chuckling as I answer this. I have so many irons in the fire right now. There are some great projects in the works, however in my line of work, we seldom can let the cat out of the bag to early as ideas change course and then of course there is so much competition on trying to get in the spotlight for the people or entities we represent that we do not want others to know about it until we can announce it.

Career mantra?!

Follow your heart and keep your dreams in front of you, and always treat others the way you would want them to treat you.

Where can the readers follow all of the moves you're making?






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