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From her wonderful music covers, Jackie is known for her talents and performances online at a young age. She makes music covers on her facebook page called Jackie Classic Rocks, and posts weekly. She is 14 years old and started playing instruments around the age of 7. Ever since she started playing the guitar a couple years ago, she always wanted to become a talented musician. With the help of her family, she is able to perform and entertain many people around the world through her videos. The music that she plays was greatly inspired by her father’s music taste. She plays songs made by famous bands, artists, and legends like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Elton John, Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Guns N' Roses, and many more!

Jackie released a song around the end of the year called “Just Another Day”. This is the first song that she has released, and is planning to do more in the future when she gets more opportunities to do so. Jackie wanted to start making music because of her desire to do more than just making music covers. As time goes on and Jackie continues to learn more about music, she will keep pursuing her career as a musician, as well as becoming an artist.

Can you talk to us how you got into your current career?

Okay about 2 years ago, I started making music covers and shared it on facebook. I enjoyed performing music and I wanted to develop my guitar skills. Ever since then, I continued to post music covers, and I was able to improve as a young musician. This greatly encouraged me to make music because I wanted to create as well as play something from my own original ideas.

What is your most proud moment?

My most proud moments are when I have successfully learned to play harder solos that are beyond my level. After hours of practicing, being able to perfectly play a difficult solo brings a sense of accomplishment to me and motivates me as a musician. This makes me very proud of myself for how far I have become over the years.

What have you struggled with that you were able to overcome?

I have struggled with balancing my school workload and my passion for making music covers at the same time. As much as I do like to play my instruments, there were times where I did not have much time to do so because of schoolwork. Fortunately I was able to overcome this because as time went on, I have learned to manage my time better and balance out my education, while also pursuing my career outside of school.

How are you staying motivated this year?

This year, I have stayed motivated from my family and my fans on facebook! Their constant encouragement and compliments from my videos are something that I’m really thankful for, and they make me feel appreciated. Also, the fact that a lot of people enjoy what I do motivates me a lot as well!

Did you ever have a routine that you had to break or implement to keep you on track?

Hmm not really. I would say the closest I had to where I would postpone practicing certain songs for other things that were more important. Aside from that, I tend to prefer a routine

Biggest tip you can give someone just starting out?

Don’t be afraid to create or try something new! Pursuing a music career will take some patience, but over time you will be able to grow. If you’re passionate about something, then the process will be worth it.

Who gives you the best advice when it comes to your career?

My parents haha. They give me advice about my future as a musician.

Are there any upcoming projects you're working on that you can share with us?

Unfortunately I have not had the time to work on a new project. I will plan on making one in the future so stay tuned! :)

Where can the readers follow all of the moves you're making?



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