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Updated: Mar 10, 2021

The Singer/ Songwriter Brad Parker is a powerhouse of passion when it comes to his music and career in it!

What is the best rule of thumb when it comes to starting a career in music?

Work any job you can find during the day to support playing music at night. My grandmother gave me that advice when I was 19. It worked.

What would you explain the difference if between working on your own and having bandmates?

Both are good. But only playing in a band yields the power of the combined energy of sound that a band can make. And only working solo yields a unity of vision for the lyrics and mood that one author can command. Songwriting with other writers yields another vision as well.

Who do you look for advice on when it comes to your career?

The randomness of nature takes over here. You have to be lucky to find someone who can be objective about your subjective art form and then... you have to be lucky enough to get what you are being told. And further, this interaction takes place every day. Open up and listen but be wary of those who just want to use you. My wife, Deb, is my advisor now. She gets me and talks the truth to me. Not what I want to hear but what I need to hear.

What was a challenge in the industry that you later on were so grateful for the learning experience?

I was a stagehand for Bill Graham, in the Bay Area. Working for Bill and the biggest acts in the world, at every type of venue, from clubs to coliseums, was pure physical labor that taught me everything about the stages music is performed on. It was a huge advantage as I later played on those stages.

Who is an artist that you can listen to everyday without tiring of?

Miles Davis.

How much work goes into your day?

As much as I can handle. I have to be told to stop working. And even then I am thinking about it.

Do you have a strict regimen when it comes to songwriting?

Yes. It’s an exercise and an inspiration. I wrote almost every day until I had written over 1000 songs. That took about forty years. Even now, I sit down to write on a regular basis. And keep a device with you everywhere you go to record your ideas. A cellphone on voice memo is perfect.

Are there any projects that you are currently working on that you want to share with us?

Right now, my band from back in the day, the NoBS, has reformed, put out a double album, from a recording in 1981, at a club, and it is kicking it up. My next solo project will be hard folk or ultra-modern. I am working on both.

Can you leave us with the best piece of advice you have ever received?

To do what you love; do whatever you must, work wise, to keep going. No job is beneath you as you climb the ladder of your dreams.

Where can fans continue to follow you and listen to your music?

At (my website), (my band’s website) and all of the usual places...

Many thanks!

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