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The booming band Blooming Fire takes us back!

Can you give us a look into the early days of Blooming Fire?

Hello, thank you so much for sharing our music! So the early days of Blooming Fire consisted of a ton of jamming. A handful of musicians coming and going, at one point we had 7 people in our project. We played a ton of shows and small festivals around California and really just had fun finding our sound and rocking out. It's been an emotional ride parting ways with people we love, arguing over being too political or not loud enough with our message, laughing til we cry, crying til we've run out of tears, losing some friendships and learning the hard way that you can't trust everyone in the music things for sure though the "core four" which is what we call the members in Blooming Fire now, who have been here since the beginning always had our sights set high on our dream and to this day we show up with passion and dedication to our craft. Connecting with fans and people all over has been the most rewarding part of our experience so far...talking to people about nature and our connection to this planet! How did you maintain a strong bond in the band throughout the years? Always being blunt and putting everything on the table which isn't always fun and not everyones cup of tea but we've found without putting it all out there things pile up and tensions build...since we get everything off our chest and keep ourselves open to always hear each other out, we've been able to never lose sight of who we really are...we have a ton of respect for one another and we've had the best time watching eachother grow up. What is a piece of advice you'd give a new band? Everything takes longer than you think it's going to take so don't give up, know that anything worth having and every dream comes with a ton of work, there is not magic pill or quick route...also always check in with one another and make sure everyone's voice is heard and that your all on the same page as far as your goals are concerned. What is the best part of being in a band? Not being alone and always having a family who has your back...if that's not the vibe then it's prob not worth building a career with...can't imagine being a solo artist, it probably comes with some pros but we are all so thankful to have each other through the good times and the challenges of life. Was the plan to always meld both music and earth consciousness? Yes, Mother Nature is the main inspiration behind our message and she is the biggest reason we do be a voice for nature, without nature we would feel lost and all alone and it's important that we all take our relationship to the land more seriously...there's more to life than greed and consumerism Where can fans listen to your music? JOIN THE EARTH HEADZ EXCLUSIVE COMMUNITY:


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