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Equal Opportunities with DANIELLA

We asked the lovely Daniella to talk to us about Women Empowerment and New Strides in 2020. WE LOVE her reply...

Oh man, I just love this! I honestly think people just need to LET THE GIRLS PLAY! Which really means that record labels need to start investing in and developing FEMALE talent. Often times, radio plays what’s pitched to them by labels - we need the labels to step up and get behind female talent. Pair us with the best writers. Put us with the best producers. Back us with your best budget. We’re good, too. We just need to be given equal opportunity.

But I truly do think it’s BEAUTIFUL and so empowering when women make a conscious effort to support other women. I have seen a lot of this in Nashville, and I’m so grateful to be a part of this incredible community. Let’s be REAL - sometimes that means sharing another girl’s song that you may feel is better than your song. Sometimes it means promoting another female that you feel may look “better” than you (in your own head of course!). But either way, you are becoming selfless, building character, and saying “yes” to a greater cause - when we can put down our ego, and look at another girl and scream, “Everyone! Look how incredible she is! Go support her! She deserves the world!” THEN, we are making progress. I’m so grateful for the women in my life that support me, and I get SO MUCH JOY out of lifting up the females in my life as well! INSTAGRAM

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