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As a conscious media journalist, it was difficult to find an outlet that I felt my voice was safe in. Trusting in my own inner wisdom meant starting my very own outlet, and knowing that as long as I let my soul guide me, I would be heard.

One of my shows is called Good People: Globally, a docuseries highlighting people doing their own version of good in their communities. From an award-winning vegan restaurant in Madrid to an organization fighting for criminal justice reform in San Francisco, I strive to highlight the positivity people are pouring into our world and hopefully encourage those watching to pursue their own divine purpose.

I also host The Tea On, a sit-down talk show where musicians, activists, and people who simply have a light to shine sip tea and discuss topics worth talking about, from self-love and anxiety to being a millennial mom and sustainable eating. I believe that there's an immense power in conversation, we just need to start having it!

When it comes to the ideal guest on one of my shows, I strive to connect with people who are human, vulnerable, and rooted in their purpose. I think with media platforms, it's common to see hosts strive to get the biggest names and those with the most amount of followers, but I don't see the value in empty conversations or what stays surface level and self-promotional. Whether you have 5 followers, 5000, or 50K, what matters is me is that you're open to bearing your soul and help heal those privileged enough to hear your truth.

The media doesn't control us; it is simply our mirror. So with my digital content, the mission is to make that reflection a bit more honest and human. INSTAGRAM


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