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Staying Authentically YOU! with Kendra Muecke

"How I stay authentically ME with my music!" By Kendra Muecke Kendra & the Bunnies Music When it comes to writing music, I find songs are often written from a place that connects both the emotion and the perspective of an experience. Thus when an artist goes to write a song or poem or story, it’s important to stay in the lane of the feeling. Let go of pre-conceived notions. You are not your songs, they are you. This allows for your writing session to be an extension of your existence and vice-versa. The authenticity of your soul can be honored in so many ways. The fact that a person is going down the path of artistry in the first place is a big deal. It’s not an easy trade, but maybe so when one taps into it... or allows themselves to tap into it. I am able to stay authentically me with my music by tapping in and holding on. I find the song... sometimes via hook, sometimes via chorus, or sometimes via mood and chord progressions. I accept the music when it arrives. I open my heart and am grateful it is speaking to me at all. Reminds me of a story ... Today, I saw a post featured on my friend Dillon’s Instagram story; it made me feel comforted. It reads, “What bothers a soul? Exhaustion, secret keeping, image judgement... And what brings a soul back? Honesty, connection, grace.” Now mind you, for me, this moment that says ‘image judgement’ hit me hard. I am a perfectionist in almost every sense of the word. I think ‘what does this mean for my reputation, my brand, and what people say about me?’ Although image is always good to keep at your hip. We should instead be concerned how we project ourselves, the decisions we make, what we

dream for in life. That’s singularly you. However, when it comes to over- questioning and picking at a song or personality trait, just let it go. Let it

flow. People gravitate to the unique perspective you have, because it’s unique. People are magnetized to the realness. It reminds me of another quote I read a few years ago. It said, “Let us love ourselves so deeply that when other people see us, they too will know how to love themselves.” The difference that you can make in the world is being different. Being you. Let those songs write themselves when they know where to go. Other times, step in and grab a thesaurus. Describe what it is to be alive from your point-of-view. Brownie points if you can do this with a naturally catchy chorus.

I think I must say though, over-analyzing a song or beat, looking for perfection, can also be good too. It means that there is something amidst the music that has yet to be discovered. It is like searching for treasure. You just keep digging, because there are times a song wants to be written, then re-written, then hung up on the shelf for three months... only to be changed back to its original format. That’s the beauty of the process and the journey. We are living the same truth as the path. We grow, we expand, we succeed, and sometimes, we travel home to who we’ve always been. That’s homegrown music from the heart.

We always succeed, no matter what we are doing, as long as we do it organically and from a place of compassion. There is no need to feel bewildered. Ask for help from mentors, listen to your favorite artists, go on a walk. When you are ready to write, you will.

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